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Our founder

Casey Castleberry

From an early age Casey had always been drawn to movement and training. At the age of 12 he would his friends Jordan and Austin workout routines on his dad’s Bowflex after school. Ever the movement nerd, he loved learning more about how to make the body stronger. In 2011, he walked into a functional fitness gym and found his place. A caring community, challenging workouts, and a place where he felt like he belonged. After graduating college in 2014 he tried his hand at the corporate world but within a year had quit his job to become a coach full time and dove headfirst into the world of training. In January 2018, Casey witnessed a gym owner shame several clients for “not being fit enough” to participate in a community workout. This left a lasting mark and he decided then and there he would create a gym community that did not use guilt or shame as a motivator, but instead use empowerment and community support to raise everyone up. He opened Mythos in October of 2018 and is committed to changing the fitness industry one class at a time, create an environment where people feel safe and seen.

Our coaches

Casey Castleberry

Casey Castleberry has been a functional fitness trainer since 2013, accumulating over 6000 hours of experience on the floor. He has a passion for working with beginner and intermediate athletes, and helping them recognize and achieve their full potential. He has a passion for gymnastics based movements, and nothing gets him more excited than watching an athlete get their first pull-up.

Charlotte Kilbourn

Charlotte Kilbourn started her coaching journey in the yoga world, earning nearly every certification that could be achieved, along with over 2000 practical instruction hours. In 2018 she was looking for ways to increase strength and began at Mythos 150 Fitness, transitioning into a coach in the fall of 2021. Charlotte is an expert at mobility, beginner friendly barbell cues, and lifestyle habit changes. She runs our nutrition and habits programs and has helped many people change the direction of their lives.

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